for everyone!

PixBlocks application enables programming for people at any age group. It is a simple tool helping you to learn coding, regardless of the level of one’s advancement. We encourage using it during individual or IT classes in schools.


PixBlocks is innovative application for programming learning. With us, coding learning is a child’s play!


Created by specialists from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, the application guarantees an effective, comprehensive learning of programming, suitable for everyone. PixBlocks is a way of acquiring knowledge and developing practical skills through play – the platform supports creativity through, for example, creating your own, original games.

Our tool is adapted to every level of one’s advancement in the IT field. The application is readily used during classes in primary and secondary schools as well as at some universities. PixBlocks can also be used for self- study. The platform stands out from the rest, because it teaches both: visual and text programming. The tool has standards in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education and the updated core curriculum.

Comprehensive programming course

Developing of logical thinking skills and your talent

Automated verification of knowledge


Programming in block-based visual programming language and text-based Python programming language

Why you should try out PixBlocks?

You do not know how to encourage students or yourself to learn IT? Our application will help you. PixBlocks is a creative, clear and understandable way to learn programming. Suitable for children, teenagers and adults. This tool definitely improves the work of educators – it has a special panel through which you can create interesting, interactive lessons, monitor the progress of students and conduct tests.

Our application for learning programming for children (and not only) is also an appealing choice to students. The tool is not only focused on developing IT skills, but also on developing creative thinking skills – with the use of the app, you can create your own games, graphics and animations. Older students will appreciate the Python programming option – a language used by Nokia, NASA and Google, and many more.

Pixblocks makes coding learning suitable even for the youngest, therefore reading skills are not necessary. It enables acquiring knowledge through the block-based visual programming Language. This application is also intended for individual users.

  Teacher panel – overview of classes, students and their work progress

  Possibility of creating materials for lessons and exams

  Assigning and verification of homework

  Multimedia boards support 

  Chance for creative work

  Chance to create your own games 

  Creating animations and graphics

  Possibility to edit boards and to draw

  Simple interface and syntax

  Video materials for self-study 

  Touch screens support

  Programming in block-based visual programming language

  Content of courses based on preschool and primary education

  Coding with no reading skills required

  Programming learning adjusted for high schools and higher education 

  Full preview of code and possibility to debug 

  Programming in text-based language Python


We help to develop your talent and logical thinking skills

We give you an opportunity of creative development as well as a chance to create your own games

We offer free and comprehensive programming course